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100 Variations

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100 icon variation challenge


H E L L O ! This is 100variations! This community was inspired by 10x10variated, which in turn was inspired by 10variations. The goal of the community is to make 100 icons, with a twist to make things more interesting. There are ten different challenges for your themes, and for each challenge you have to make ten different icons. 10 challenges x 10 icons each = 100 icons! This community is dedicated to Anime, Manga, Video Games & Animation; if you would like to make a Real Person/Celebrity/Live-Action movie claim, please head over to 10x10variated.

» Guidelines
First Ten: Use only the original images, changing the color only and nothing else. Color each icon differently, using different color fill layers or adjustment layers. No textures, gradients, brushes, or stock images allowed.

Second Ten: Every icon must have readable text on it. You may not re-use fonts - each icon must use a different font. Do not use fonts that are excessively popular right now.

Third Ten: Use a texture on every icon. A different texture must be used on each icon.

Fourth Ten: Every icon must use a stock photo. These can be found on different sites throughout the web. Please refrain from using clouds in every single icon :].

Fifth Ten: Each icon has to be rotated from the original base. Flip it, rotate everything clockwise, counterclockwise. Be creative!

Sixth Ten: Images must be black and white, absolutely no colors. Grayscale is acceptable.

Seventh Ten: On each icon, use one effect feature from the Effects menu in your Photoshop or Paintshop.

Eighth Ten: Every icon must be less than 100x100 pixels. (the sides must be uneven, like circles or rectangles or other strange shapes)

Ninth Ten: Every icon must use one popular icon trend that is hot at the time. This changes frequently but it will be easy since you see these trends everywhere (check out icon_tutorial - usually these icons are all trendy)

Tenth...Ten.: These icons are all Artist's Choice! Do anything you'd like with these last ten!

» How to Submit
1. Join the community!
2. Go to the Claims post and leave a comment. This community runs on an automatic claiming system now - if you want it, you can have it and start making icons. We just need the comment so that we can tell you what tag you should start posting under. DUE TO THE DIFFERENT CLAIMS SYSTEM, ALL ENTRIES MUST BE TAGGED APPROPRIATELY.
3. In your posts can you can have a banner 350 pixels half and 250 pixels wide. If your post has more then three icons, please put it behind a cut.

Posting Format-

# of icons in post:
# of icons completed total:
Credits: (This is only if you used brushes, fonts, screencaps etc. that need to be credited.)

When you post, please put in the tags only the series/fandom your icons are from. Please do NOT put anything else in your tags.

After you've finished you claim, please comment in the Hall of Fame post to get a banner!

» Affiliates & Contact
If you would like to affiliate, please comment here!

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